May 30th 9pm $10

The Spires that in the Sunset Rise & Bbob Drake

600695_10153311534941205_3421919573639634357_nKathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson are musicians who grew up together in Decatur, Illinois before relocating to Chicago as the free-folk duo
Although originally pegged as psych-folk, the group has taken so many musical turns that, taken as a whole, it’s more genre-less than anything else. The current duo version of original members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson is a piano and sax duet drawing mostly from free improvisation, but still with the hallmark of some non-western folk-music motives underpinning the rhythmic figures and shifting, mutual accompaniment of both players

Bob Drake
Bbob drake has been creating experimental music and audio in Cleveland for the last 45 years. From a start as a guitarist, his current focus is on electro-acoustic improvisation in both solo and group settings. His solo work spans a range from “lowercase” or “onkyokei” aesthetics (quiet, minimalist, abstract), to free jazz and more aggressive noise genres. He designs and builds the majority of his own instruments, both electronic synthesizers and original electo-acoustic designs. bbob has lead workshops in experimental electronics for music at Spaces and other venues, and he designs and sells printed circuit boards for DIY synthesizer enthusiasts. bbob’s most recent recorded releases are “Failure Cake” (solo CD) and “Curiouser” (with Cleveland drummer J. Guy Laughlin)


May 19th 9pm $5

Kjostad /Gabriel Beam /Rosebud

Ithaca, NY’s Kjostad brings forth panoramic displays of nature woven with layers of carefully arranged static and electronic textures. Kjostad is the moniker of Stefan Aune who is also responsible for the noise project Breaking The Will, in addition to running the prolific New Forces label. Kjostad weaves together an organic tapestry of man-made and natural sonics. Capturing highly personal sounds focused on northern Minnesota, Aune takes these moments and introduces layers of electronics and magnetic tape, not just blending the two but utilizing the strong qualities of both to achieve an even more impactful statement that expresses the ultimate power of pure sound. The project has been recently featured in the pages of The Wire and Special Interests Magazine.
Gabriel Beam and Rosebud will open the night with solo sets.



May 7th 9pm $10

In The Sea, Featuring Tristan Honsinger on cello and voice; Joshua Zubot, on violin and, Nicolas Caloia on double bass are hoping to tour Canadian Jazz Festivals in 2019.

Tristan Honsinger started improvising in Montreal more than forty years ago, prior to his decisive move to Europe, where he’s been at the centre of improvised music activity ever since. This trio sounds fantastic, they have performed over 100 concerts in North America and Europe since 2015.

Tristan Honsinger is a singular artist : originally from Vermont, he has made his life in Europe and has worked with most first generation improvising artists. He has played extensively with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker in the UK; Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink in Holland; Peter Brotzman and Peter Kowald in Germany; and Cecil Taylor in the USA. Currently he regularly tours and gives workshops with the ICP orchestra.

Nicolas Caloia, with his surprising and unique musical voice is an unparalleled force in the Canadiane creative music scene. As bass player, composer, and bandleader Caloia’s music can be heard in ongoing collaborations with Tristan Honsinger, Joe McPhee, Matana Roberts, Malcolm Goldstein, Sam Shalabi, Jean Derome, Joshua Zubot, and Yves Charuest, and in past projects with Roscoe Mitchell, Marshall Allen, Steve Lacy, Hassan Hakmoun, William Parker, and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Joshua Zubot is a masterful violinist and composer who performs with conviction, emotion and power. He has toured internationally in ensembles such as Subtle Lip Can, In The Sea, Marie-Jo Therio and Quartestki. Zubot has turned many heads playing genres from bluegrass to musique actuelle and everything in between. He has shared stages with folk/pop musicians like Martha Wainwright, Patrick Watson, Li’l Andy, Thus Owls plus experimental musicians such as Jean Derome, Matana Roberts, cellist Tristan Honsinger, Sun Ra’s Orchestra’s Marshall Allen and New York double bassist William Parker.

“Comprised of Honsigner compositions from their recording In the Sea, the set was tight and detailed, intelligent and playful, full of romance, the arco playing resulting in beautifully layered overtones.” 
CHAMBERLAIN, Mike. <<All About Jazz>>, May 26, 2017.

“The audience rose to feet in rapturous applause after a superb concert by a string trio of American cellist Tristan Honsinger, and two Canadians- violinist Joshua Zubot and bassist Nicolas Caloia.” BLOCK, Irwin. <<Avant Music News>>, May 20, 2017.


April 20th -9pm -$5

Heart of The Ghosts & Sun Trash


For the past two years, few improvisation units have been as omnipresent in the D.C. area as Heart of the Ghost. For good reason: The trio of alto saxophonist Jarrett Gilgore, bassist Luke Stewart, and percussionist Ian McColm is something of a trinity of the finest free jazz improvisers in the region. If you’ve seen Heart of the Ghost in concert, then you know—Gilgore, Stewart, and McColm’s performances feel like a kind of séance, with the trio locked into a musical conversation with one another.

Though Gilgore’s skronked-out sax wailings anchor the tracks, no one part is greater than the sum of the whole. McColm’s inventive percussion techniques feel like a rhythm from another world, and Stewart—easily one of the most prolific and talented bassists in the region, if not the entire country—takes his instrument to new dimensions.” – Matt Cohen/Washington Citypaper

“…But free music is about right now, wherever you are at, anyplace that the right players get together and play. If you have a chance to hear Washington, D.C. trio Heart of the Ghost, rest assured that you’ve found another portal into the creative vortex that spontaneously lifts hearts, minds and bands off the stand. Their freewheeling improvisations tap into the same defiant spirit decanted by Mingus and the Minutemen, which is to say that the freedom is in the playing, but it’s also a conscious reaction to the ways in which people are not free. You can hear protest in alto saxophonist Jarrett Gilgore’s brays and peppery interjections. You can hear mourning and defiant creation in bassist Luke Stewart’s continually shifting frameworks of woody-toned dark motion. And you can hear the moment-to-moment dance necessary to keep it moving or just keep standing in drummer Ian McColm’s shifting tonal surfaces and rhythmic cascades.”-Bill Meyer/Dusted


Sun Trash

Sun Trash is Caleb Miller and Nick Weckman , a free-jazz/ avant garde duo from Columbus, Ohio, a duo that seeks to bridge the gap between “the energy of jazz within the processes of new music” (Jazz Columbus, 2018).


April 13th – 9PM – $7



Renowned percussionist and drummer Jon Mueller is celebrated for his uncommon technique, rigor and virtuosity.

Mueller’s aim has been to move drums, percussion and rhythm from its anticipated backbeat to a central musical focus, something more intuitive and natural than usually imagined. Audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom have experienced this idiosyncratic point of view as, paradoxically, both ‘cathartic’ and ‘meditative’. Notable solo performances have taken place at the Guggenheim Museum, New Museum, SXSW, Alverno Presents, Hopscotch Fest, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.

From 2013-15, Mueller created and directed the multi-disciplinary project Death Blues. The project issued four critically acclaimed recordings. Rolling Stone cited non-fiction as one of the ‘20 Best Avant Albums of 2014’. Ensemble, created with multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch, was featured on NPR’s ‘First Listen’.

Outside of his solo work, Mueller is a current member of Mind Over Mirrors, was a founding member of the bands Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees and Pele, and has worked in depth with artists Jason Kahn, Asmus Tietchens, Z’EV, Andrew McKenzie, Rhys Chatham, Jarboe, James Plotkin, Duane Pitre, and Raymond Dijkstra.

His solo work has been released by Table of the Elements, Type Recordings, Important Records, Taiga Records, SIGE Records and others.


Forest Management is John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, California), an American musician currently living in Chicago, Illinois. Originally a drummer, John slowly conceived the laptop-based ambient project from 2010-2011 during quiet moments at a part-time hotel job in his hometown of Westlake, Ohio. His 2015 debut full-length record Encounter (Martinson Records) was described as “a dusty, cinematic haze of wilted symphonics” (Decoder Magazine), and 2018 saw the release of his longest LP yet, ‘21st Century Man’. Live audiences across North America, Canada, and Europe have sat in dark rooms, listening to washes of sound from reel-to-reels, cassette players and laptop loops. Daniel has also collaborated with ambient artists Celer and David Tagg, and runs labels Afterhours, Sequel, and Reserve Matinee. His third full-length, ‘Passageways’, is due March 2019 on vinyl imprint Whited Sepulchre.


April 2nd – 9pm – $7

Jeff Carey & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson


Jeff Carey is an interdisciplinary artist creating radical computer music. He performs electro-instrumental synthetic noise with custom software controlled by a joystick and gamer keypad. His instrument also controls an array of strobe lights making shows totally immersive and visceral.

“Like Author and Punisher’s little gamer brother, he rips extreme digital noise with a weird-ass rig commanded by pads, boards and a joystick. At least a few nerds probably just wet their pants right now. It’s the sonic manifestation of cyborg warfare. Add a severe lighting array of all-white strobes and LEDs and this crazy shit becomes a full-sensory assault. Seriously, it’s insane.” Orlando Weekly concert review January 2016 “Digital noise eviscerator Jeff Carey brings us another beautifully crafted release of mind numbing ferocity. His brand of noise is totally fucking exhilerating, you can almost see the strobe lights he uses flashing before your eyes.” abacus@KFJC 89.7FM, California on ‘3:30’ (2013)


Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson is an visual, sound and performance artist born in Akureyri, Iceland in 1977.  He studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland in 1997 to 1998, and received MFA at Fachochshcule fur bilende kunst Hannover, Germany in 2004. Sigmarsson exhibits his paintings & drawings internationally but is probably most known for his energetic performances at a wide array of venues. His approach is that of the trembling artist, struggling to make sense and direction out of a creative impulse. Regardless of the medium, there is a continuous search for order and chaos throughout his body of work. With his series of drawings Sigmarsson distorts the normal, daily life by drawing very common objects in an abstract way. For some time he has been releasing solo recordings with albums on Trente Oiseaux, ERS, Helen Scarsdale, Fire Inc., Hanson Records, Bawag Contemporary Vienna, Korm Plastics, Bottrop Boy, Ultra Eczema and De Player.

Sigtryggur lives and works in Ghent, Belgium, where he has been working with Ghent gallery Tatjana Pieters and has taken part in two exhibitions in the gallery space as well as being presented by the gallery at various art fairs.

Solo exhibitions of Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson include Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE), Lindenau, Leipzig (DE),Castle Insterburg, Tchernyakhovsk (RU), Museums Quartier (AUS), Kunstschlager, Reykjavik (IS), Der Grieche, Berlin (DE), National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik (IS), Rocksbox Fine Art, Portland (USA), Hectoliter, Brussels, Stadslimiet, Antwerpen & Basement Gallery, Vienna (AT). Participation in various group exhibitions amongst others Copenhagen Art Festival, Copenhagen (DK), 21er Kunsthaus, Vienna (AT), The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik (IS), De Vleeshal, Middelburg (NL) & Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE).


February 17th – 9PM – $7


Carrier Trio is a new ensemble consisting of bass clarinetist Jason Stein, guitarist Ben Cruz, and drummer Emerson Hunton. The trio’s music presents complex interlocking melodies, delicate textures, improvised sections, and tightly composed chamber sections for a sound that is angular, frenetic, and pretty.

Jason Stein is among the mere handful of improvisers who play the bass clarinet exclusively. Stein leads the acclaimed trio Locksmith Isidore as well as his own quartet. He contributes to several of the leading bands on Chicago’s new-music scene and has brought a vital voice to the freest of free-jazz jams. Stein’s playing showcases an extraordinary expertise on the bass clarinet, which ranges from powerful post-bop lines to ear-grabbing wails in the altissimo range. Chicago writer Neil Tesser notes that “Stein’s playing has a rawboned swagger particular to Chicago jazz in all its manifestations – from the trad playing of Bud Freeman and Jimmy McPartland in the 20s, through the tenor titans of the 50s, through the adventurers who formed the AACM in the 60s, and right up to the city’s renowned modern cadre of new-music improvisers.” Stein moved to Chicago in 2005 and has since recorded for such labels as Leo, Delmark, Not Two, Atavistic, 482 Music, Clean Feed, Astral Spirits, and Northern Spy. Stein has performed throughout the US and Europe as both a bandleader and sideman and has amassed a discography of over 40 albums.

Ben Cruz is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in Chicago, IL. His music draws from a variety of traditions, combining forward-thinking composition with an emphasis on improvisation. Ben began playing guitar at the age of twelve, and studied jazz and improvisation from New York City-based guitarist Vic Juris. Ben went on study history and jazz performance at Oberlin College and Conservatory, where he was mentored by Bobby Ferrazza, Dan Wall, Jamey Haddad, Jay Ashby, Paul Samuels, and Brian Alegant.

Emerson Hunton is a drummer and composer based in Chicago, IL. His musical approach prizes space and texture, and focuses on blurring the line between improvisation and composition. Other recent projects include a duo with laptop improviser/composer Ted Moore and a quintet featuring trumpeter Russ Johnson and saxophonist Greg Ward. His creative output has been supported by grants and residencies through STEIM, Conservatory van Amsterdam, the CIGSIE board, and Avaloch Farm Music Institute. Emerson has performed nationally and internationally with collaborative jazz quartet Junior Ranger, who recorded and released their debut recording Monster Masks in 2015. Emerson is originally from Minneapolis, MN, and studied with drummer Billy Hart at Oberlin Conservatory of Music.