Upcoming shows

May 29th – 9pm

Levy pic

Aaron Levy is a percussionist and improviser based in Tuscaloosa, AL. His music is deeply based in extremes – very short and very long, very high and very low sounds. With the use of AM radios, feedback looped snare drums, whisks, marbles, and more, his improvisations have been described by listeners as “serene”, “meditative” and “calmly aggressive.” 

Over the course of Aaron’s career, he has performed and studied on four continents and in the spring of 2014 served as the Visiting Professor of Percussion at Eastern Kentucky University. While at EKU, he formed the New Music Ensemble, and collaborated with the Dance Theatre, local and campus art galleries, and the university planetarium. He has commissioned and premiered nearly a dozen works and has been featured as a performer three times at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. Aaron is a frequent performer with the NOBROW.collective (Athens, OH) and ensembleAMP (Indianapolis, IN). In Tuscaloosa, he is working towards the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Alabama, where he studies percussion with Tim Feeney and performs with the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. 

His favorite things are white noise, pop radio, and the weather.