Upcoming shows

May 22

Bridges of Konigsberg featuring Peter J. Woods /KBD(uo) /Rosebud

Bridges of Konigsburg: “Peter J. Woods, Scrawl’s Christopher Burns, and David B. Collins unite as Bridges of Konigsburg, which feeds a variety of strained samples through the experimental music equivalent of shuffling several decks of cards – playing, Tarot, Uno, maybe Oblique Strategies, too – at blinding speeds. Their Fortifications are destined to melt faces, positing dins of alien guitar squeal, ribbed echoes, swollen delay, stretched effects, and a tinny, pressurized tinny-ness that at time that reminded me somewhat of Autechre’s classic, Confield. Sometimes there is the sense that lye is being mashed into the irregular grooves of these improvisations — or are they improvisations? — or that the grooves are self-cannibalizing, or that a robot from the future is intruding. ” – Village Voice

KBD(uo) have been sonically secluded in the sky parlor at the Robinwood concert house since July 2017. Now we…

Grimy power electronics via broken electronics and feedback.