Oct 9 2022 9pm

Tatsuya Nakatani + Byzantine Generals +Sacred Canopy


Tatsuya Nakatani is an avant-garde percussionist, composer, and artist of sound. Active internationally since the 1990s, Nakatani has released over 80 recordings and tours extensively, performing over 150 concerts a year. His primary focus is his solo work and his large ensemble project, the Nakatani Gong Orchestra. He teaches master classes and lectures at universities and music conservatories around the world. Originally from Japan, he makes his home in the desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. With his activity in new music, improvisation, and experimental music, Nakatani has a long history of collaboration.

Nakatani’s distinctive music centered around his adapted bowed gong, supported by an array of drums, cymbals, and singing bowls. In concert with his personally hand-carved Kobo Bows, he has spent decades refining and developing his sound as an arrangement of formations of vibrations, incorporated in shimmering layers of silence and texture. Within this contemporary work, one can still recognize the dramatic pacing, formal elegance and space (ma) felt in traditional Japanese music.

Byzantine Generals is a drum duo from Toledo, Ohio. John Hubbell and Michael Kimaid balance arrangement and improvisation in a way that gives room to their contrasting but complementary playing styles. Both drummers share similar musical foundations and backgrounds, but have evolved their approaches to drumming in very different ways over the course of their respective musical careers. Where Hubbell (Colossus of the Fall, Shuttlecock, GoLab), uses structured composition as a jumping off point for hypertechnical improvisation, Kimaid (Snapcase, KBD Sonic Cooperative) draws from elements of free jazz and nontraditional percussion to lay out underlying long form patterns that fall in and out of time signatures. The result is a combination of precision and abandon which holds at its center a shared interest in the power of drumming and the dynamics therein.

Sacred Canopy is an ambient electronic act featuring Matthew Bahnsen (Synthesizer and Guitar)and Corey Salts(Synthesizer and Electronics). Both musicians cut their teeth in the Toledo Metal scene and have since transitioned through different genres together and separately and have recently reunited. What was originally Bahnsen’s solo project recently expanded to include Salts to the project’s lineup to help produce a more immersive live experience while still honoring the project’s improvisational roots.

The duo plan to spend the winter recording but hope to play more shows when their schedules allow. The first 3 Sacred Canopy records along with collaborations featuring KBD, Wander (Corey’s solo project), and Nashville-based musician Sam Daly can be found on every major streaming service and youtube.